Hi all!

It was an adventure trying to get to Frieberg itself. Our train got delayed and we missed the connecting one (and subsequent available ones based on the pamphlet available on the train) to Frieberg. This left me feeling slightly worried we’ll be stranded in the middle of nowhere. Haha, fortunately, a kind old gentleman who sat near us on the train from Berlin informed us on a possible train timing available and how to get our tickets switched. It was so sweet of him. He was also so helpful throughout the journey as well, informing us of reserved seats on the train and how we needed to find alternative ones as a new stop approached. After we settled in Frieberg, we got to exploring this fairytale-like town. It’s pretty small town and you could circle the area in less than half a day.



Frieberg has many of these small canals scattered throughout the town, and rumour has it, if you stepped into one, you’ll married a Frieberg man. One of our friend stepped into it after mishearing the word Frieberg and quickly regretted her action, lol.





Such rustic looking McDonald’s!





Headed to Tacheles, a restaurant recommended for us to try schnitzel, which was just pork cutlet. Had it in Spicy and Italian style with lots of delicious greens from the sides. It was pretty affordable at €7.9 for the schnitzel that came with a side dish, if you ordered before 6pm on Mon-Fri. Such a steal! And the portion were huge too! We had some problems finishing them even among the 4 of us.

Tacheles address:  Grünwälderstr. 17 79098 Freiburg, Germany



IMG_4403 copy

Of course, we can’t go a day without having gelato! So here’s the nougat himbeere which was a good mix of sweet and chocolate (Nutella style) at only €1/scoop. It was so damn worth it. We then bought groceries for the next day hike and breakfast, though we had to ask around to distinguish between still and sparkling water. Why is there even sparkling water?! It’s so bleh… Anyway, we got a bottle of sangria, where we drank and chilled for the rest of the night.

Portorfino address:  Bertoldstr. 44 79098 Freiburg, Germany. 



IMG_4451 copy

The next day, we headed down to Feldberg mountain, where we hiked through the woods to Feldsee lake. Our attempt to read the map was an epic fail where we were walking down the mountain instead of up, even though the trail was an uphill one. Lol, luckily we met this  botanist (?) collecting plant samples who then guided us onto the correct path. By then, my bladder was literally bursting, since I started the trek with a full bladder and the toilet (which I later realised was the staff one) was locked -.-

We ended up taking the cable car to the plateau, but we were one of the more inappropriately dressed ones. I was just in a long sleeved shirt, windbreaker and jeans, but the plateau peak was way too freaking cold. When the periodic wind came, we rapidly hid behind statues and at the cable car control station. Haha, it was just too cold, I couldn’t even feel my fingers. After a quick round of pictures when the wind blew away the mist and visibility was much better, we descended and I had a cup of overpriced fake hot chocolate  at €3.2. At the town area, we had the Black Forest cake at a random cafe with a view of Titisee lake. Because I don’t like cream and the cake was pretty dry, it was an epic fail. We then rented a paddleboat where I sat at the back and enjoyed the view while 2 of my friends paddled for the next 30 mins. Haha, we then headed back to Frieberg to collect our luggage and chilled at the dining area till midnight before heading to the bus station to head to Munich. Till the next post, bye!












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