Batam, a short ride over

Hi all!

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I took a short ferry ride (~45 mins) over the long CNY holiday with the family to Batam. Yes, it’s been super long since then but I’ve only had the time now to sit down and edit the draft that has been rotting away since Feb. School was cray this sem. Anyway, back to the story, I personally would recommend going to Batam only as a day trip from Singapore. Besides massages and food, there’s simply nothing to do over there.

The first day there we visited Tua Pek Kong temple in the afternoon after lunch in Nagoya. A rather small temple, nothing much to see.

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Then, the fam split up between the massage and non-massage team. After which, we gathered for dinner and on our way there, our driver drove past this bridge, that is like the Golden gate bridge of San Francisco in Batam. We stop quickly for some pictures before moving off to the kelong, as we were (or at least I was) trying to chase the beautiful yolk before it sets into the horizon.


Some stalls lining the streets en route to the kelong…


The yolk from the car as we drove across the bridge


And … we failed to reach the kelong before the lovely red yolk sets. We missed it just by the tip of our fingers too 😦


Kelong is a seafood place where you can choose the seafood you want that’s available from their farm waters, and they’ll cook it for you. We got super fresh seafood and at a pretty good deal too!


The different kinds of seafood are reared in each square

IMG_9014 IMG_9021 IMG_9020

Dining with a view from mother nature…

IMG_9037 copy IMG_9025

After dinner, the restaurant owners offered to get some fireworks for us to play with. It’s super fun (and a bit terrifying because of the unexpected recoil when the fireworks go off from the stick you’re holding). It’s not something I could do in Singapore and it was a good experience. The first time I did it, the fireworks didn’t go off from the popper stick thingy. I was holding my arms in the air the entire time my uncle’s popper was popping (lol, it rhymes!). Our guide kindly (and fearfully) took the stick from me to dip it in the seawater to extinguish any flames, so that we don’t end up with an exploded face. Lol. #epicfail


Aren’t they simply beautiful? There’s so much pleasure derived from the simple joys in life.


The next day consisted of another temple visit before heading to another kelong for lunch. You guys see the cycle here? haha, there’s really nothing much to do on the island.


There were some cute statues representing the different zodiac animals at the temple compound (I’m only showing the rooster one here though).



Just look at the row of coconut trees on the island directly across us…’Twas such a beautiful scenery that filled our eyes as we filled our stomach during lunch. Haha.


We ended the trip with a boat ride in the waters surrounding the kelong before heading back to the hotel to rest and get ready for our night ferry back to Singapore. Till the next post, bye!