The garden

Hi all!

Just gonna pop by to share some of the shots I took the other day at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. I didn’t even realised this place has become a bona-fide tourist attraction. As in tour agencies actually do bring their tour groups to view the garden groups. I’m not quite sure if I should be glad that SBG is gaining more recognition or sad that it could lose its allure as an area more for the locals to that of a tourist ground. Do you get the same distinction as me? But till the next post, bye!










Of black & whites

Hi guys!

It’s been a horribly long and busy past few months (and weeks). But I thought I would share some photos I took at different places the past month (or so) before they become just an image stored on my computer. Recently, I’ve been loving the soft, translucent and perhaps somewhat flat style of black and white images. They are scenes that have passed but represented a moment in my life when I desperately needed a breather from work. To those who are super stress out, I hope you’ll be able to capture a scene in your life that would give you as much comfort as these do.

IMG_0760 copy

IMG_0762 copy


IMG_0786 copy IMG_0806 copy

IMG_0840 copy

IMG_0875 copy

IMG_0881 copy

Image 1 | Image 2: East Coast Park, Singapore

Image 3 | Image 4 | Image 5: Coney Island, Singapore

Image 6 | Image 7 | Image 8: Christmas fair at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

One more week and I’m off to Vietnam for a short getaway! I honestly can’t wait to get myself some pho. Can’t wait, but till the next post, bye!

Crab holes!

Hi all!

It’s been pretty dreary in Singapore with periodic showers throughout the day as we enter into the monsoon season. Even as I write this post, it is pouring right outside my window. To take a break from studying, I headed to Pasir Ris Park for some cycling a few weeks back. It has been a while since I’ve headed to a beach. But as I cycled through the park, I was glad to have stumbled upon this small (but pretty) beach with its blue skies, green grass, almost no crowd and twig/leaves/what-not free sand.

Most importantly, I could see some semblance of a blue colour gradient effect in the waters! Pretty surprising considering this is Singapore we’re talking about. We don’t really boast of idyllic beaches like those in the Langkawi, Phuket and the list goes on.



Cycling along the path away from the beach, I could see people training parrots on the grass patch and kelongs (offshore platforms for rearing fish) in the distance.



Right at the end of the cycling path would be this vast beach-flat (?). I’m not exactly sure what is the term for it but all I can associate with it is a mudflat. But it’s not even remotely close to a mudflat so let’s just go with beach-flat ;). Anyway, I spent most of my time here just watching little crabs scrambling out of their crab-holes and scrambling back in with the slightest human movement. It was quite entertaining and therapeutic and at the end of the day as my camera battery died, I went home feeling quite at peace with myself.