24 hours in Budapest

Hi all!

It’s been a while since I’ve left off from recap-ing Prague. But let’s move on to Budapest, where we arrived by bus in the wee hours. After we arrived at our apartment, we had a hard time contacting our Airbnb host to leave our luggages in the apartment before check-in hours. This was already confirmed prior to our arrival with the host. However, when we arrived, tired and sore, we had a challenge contacting our host and once contacted, did he changed his mind on leaving our luggages. We then had to drag our back to the main train station, where we snubbed by the service staff who refused to change our notes to loose coins at a counter that offered this service -.-. This started off a chain of events where we went around buying the cheapest food/drink (and were subsequently refused/given black face by the staff) to collect enough coins for 3 lockers.

After all the mishaps, we made our way down to Szenchiyi bath, which, honestly felt like an overpriced swimming pool. It’s literally a pool with different temperatures and that’s about it. It’s also not the cleanest with people wearing their footwear into the pool and dead leaves and debris floating about some of them in the indoor pools. Not very impressed, given its price point. It felt like an overhyped destination to me.



After the bath, we came across the Heroes’ square, and despite the off-centre and poorly taken picture below, can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the sky was that day (no filter).


After we finally managed to settled into our apartment, we headed out and got ourselves a chimney bread (each) for lunch as we set out to explore the city.


The iconic chain bridge that spanned the Danube , connecting Buda and Pest.



Through the arched gateway – a peek into Matthias Church. While we didn’t enter any of the attractions, I really love the contrast between the vibrant rooftop pattern and the cream walls.


IMG_5070 copy



Fishermen’s Bastion, constructed to commemorate the fishermen who protected the city, is another iconic spot in the city.




IMG_5077 copy

Looking from the various vantage points afforded at the area about Matthias Church/Fishermen bastion, was the Parliament building.


Thereafter, we made our way down to the shoes on the Danube before heading to the Central Market Hall.




This was not bad, fried dough topped with your toppings of choice. Although I’ve to say, for those stalls we patronised, only when we spent an absence amount of money would they give as extra utensils, if not they give you the RBF look. For instance, when we got a mug of drink from one of the stall and requested for another straw, they refused to give it to us. Not sure if it was because we were Asians, but when there was other European customers behind us, the servers were a lot more friendly and accommodating, in general.



As the day ended, we still had quite a large sum of Forint left and we didn’t want to go through the trouble to hunt for another money exchanger. So despite having an early dinner, we made our way down to a nearby restaurant where we ordered 8 different dishes and a dessert, just between us 5 girls. It’s quite funny cause we were surrounded by men and they just turned and starred at our table when more and more dishes were brought out. Of course, we finished most of the food, though we packed the dessert cause we were quite full by the end. But the dessert (crepe drizzled with chocolate sauce and some orange at the side) was very good, even when we had it for breakfast the next day.

IMG_5796 copy

Unfortunately, this was one of the dish we couldn’t bring ourselves to finish. The mushrooms were stuffed with smelly cheese (which from the menu, looked to be pronounced this way). And it was literally smelly. Perhaps we just didn’t have connoisseur-enough tastebuds for it.


24 hours in Budapest to me was more than enough. The sour start to our day and the snubs we faced throughout the day was enough to turn me away from this city. At least we ended the day on a good note. Till the next post, bye!