Colouring book?!!!

Hi all!

I was watching a youtube video by Zoella and she was sharing some of the things she got. Amongst them, was this colouring book by Johanna Basford called Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book. I was hooked! I was like I need to get it, RIGHT NOW! Lol, pretty dramatic but I’ll admit, I’m pretty obsessed with stationary and gorgeous books.

Front cover (Image obtained from Johanna Basford’s website)

And the book is just that, absolutely beautiful. It’s filled with intricate patterns and details that just makes me go wow, *speechless with amazement*. It’s a book literally filled with colouring potential. Just look at those details and let’s all take a moment to appreciate it.

A page within the book (Image obtained from Johanna Basford’s website)

So I immediately headed to Kinokuniya webpage but just my luck, their online search was down for “renovation” -.-. To explain a bit, Kinokuniya is the only bookstore in Singapore that I feel carry a wide selection of books. It’s awesome. The other two bookstores, Popular and Times, mainly carry books that are more well-known. So if it so happened that the book was not available in Kinokuniya, I most likely would’ve to purchase it online. However, I’m not that keen on shipping it since I like to be able to physically hold, touch and see the book before making the purchase.

It is also why I’ve been obsessively checking Kinokuniya’s webpage today to see if it is up and working. And they did have it in stores, yes!!! * fist pumps in the air* I’m super excited to start colouring it. Yes, I’m 21 and I’m still buying a colouring book, I’ve no shame in admitting it. I find colouring a surprisingly therapeutic thing to do. Plus, who says only children can colour, heh ;).


Yay, Eh or Nay

Hi guys!

I’m not a big movie-watcher or anything. In fact, I can go a year or more without watching one. Yes, it may be shocking for you movie-goers out there. One reason is that I’m not willing to spend so much on watching a movie at the cinemas. Secondly, the good movies always, always! come out when I’m preparing/having my exams. Sad but true.

But recently, I’ve started watching some movies from the past few years and I thought I would pen down my opinions for some of them.

1. Step Up  Revolution

The movie is about a group of dancers called “The Mob” that dances in various public places in the form of a flashmob. Similar to Step Up 3, the lead characters, Sean and Emily, are involved in this whirlwind romance. I’ve always like Step Up because of the unique backgrounds and interesting dance scenes so it’s a yay!

2. Monster University

I think most people have watch this and I only managed to catch this movie quite some time after it stop showing at the cinema. It’s a pretty funny and engaging movie that I recommend when you’re bored or just stressed. It’s a yay.

3. Maleficiant

I recently watched this at the cinema and it’s okay. The story is similar to sleeping beauty except it’s portrayed from  Maleficiant’s POV. I love how Angelina Jolie portrayed the pain of losing her wings and the contact lens used by both young and adult Maleficiant is sooo pretty. There are some light-hearted moments between Maleficiant, Diaval and Aurora. The ending was shitty and abrupt and had way too much fluff. So this movie gets an eh from me.

4. Noah’s Ark

Admittedly I watched this show only because Emma Watson was part of the cast. 😛 The plot outline generally followed the bible. Though the show had way too many repeated scenes that made it so boring. The only scene I like was the one which showcase the cannibalism and cruelty of mankind. So this movie gets a nay from me.

5. Hansel and Gretal: Witch Hunters

This movie diverged from the fairytale after Hansel and Gretal killed the witch that captured them. Both children then became bounty witch hunters. With a fair number of missing children captured from the town of Augsburg by the grand witch Muriel and her minions, the Mayor invites the pair to the town to solve the case. The pair are then at a race against time to rescue the children before they are used for a ritual on the blood moon sabbath. The movie is morbidly funny as the methods used to eliminate the witches and the scenes of their death are so unrealistic yet quite funny in a twisted sense. Hence, this movie gets between an eh and a nay from me.

So that’s all for the movies I’ve watched recently even if most of them are a few years back. Lol.