Hi all!

‘Twas our last day in Italy (and the last day of our trip), so we roamed about Milano city for the morning before we made our way to the airport. We started out at the duomo to have a look at its facade before heading to the galleria to look around. We then did some shopping at Mango before heading to Antica Trattoria Della Pesa where I had risotto alla Milanese (which, was a surprising plate of yellow-ness). Haha. We were somehow quite drained as we headed back to the hotel to grab our luggages. And I had to leave the hotel by opening the emergency door which caused the alarm to blare. So embarrasing. Even though we arrived at the airport way too early, I got myself 2 moleskine sketchbook & watercolor book. It was way cheaper with a wider variety in Europe compared to Singapore. I wouldn’t forgive myself if I left without getting them. ย That’s all for my Europe trip recap, till the next post, bye!








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