Cinque Terre

Hi all!

After so many months, I’m finally down to the second last recap post of my Europe trip! Cinque Terre, 5 islands,was a highly anticipated segment of our trip. We decided to the hike from Monterosso to Vernazza. In hindsight, it was a good thing we did the hike in this direction as the uphill climb here was slightly easier to handle. Our morning actually started pretty gloomy but it got progressively better as the skies cleared and it became warmer. The view was also super scenic, which made the hike alot more interesting.






Vineyards along the hiking path.





There’s actually a “cats home” midway along the hike.


The loyal companions of a couple. Their dogs were simply too photogenic and adorable!



One of our first sight of Vernazza. But it actually was pretty misleading cause the island seemed close but actually we still had a good long downhill hike to go before actually setting foot on Vernazza.




IMG_6649 IMG_6654


By then, it was close to mid noon, and the town was a lot more lively. Naturally, we couldn’t come to Cinque Terre without having a taste of the anchovies. WHICH! was surprisingly meaty. It’s like biting into a miniature big fish with our its meat and the juices from the lemon. Super delish! It’s quite unlike the anchovies we get back home which are a lot more”bony” and use to prepare soup stock rather than eaten as a snack/meal by itself.



It was a train ride down to Corniglia, where we hopped onto a shuttle bus to the town (part of the ticket combo we got). It’s a lot smaller compared to Montersso and Vernazza. But we got a lot of our souvenirs here – truffle olive oil (simply fantastic), lemon soap bar etc. Tasted a super refreshing lemon gelato. Seriously, one can’t come to Cinque Terre without getting their hands on some olive oil and having a lemon gelato/lemonade.






Manarola is where the iconic photos of Cinque Terre are captured. We actually spent a good amount of time on this island – listening to the crashing waves, getting our photos etc.



IMG_6716 IMG_6770

IMG_6772 IMG_6791

As our train ticket departing from Monterosso drew nearer, we debated if there was enough time to pop by Riomaggiore quickly and immediately catch the next train to Monterosso. We basically took a quick look around Riomaggiore within 15 minutes. The only highlight I could remember of Riomaggiore was the number of people trying out cliff jumping. Seemed like THE prime spot out of the 5 islands.

Fortunately, we manage to get back to Monterosso with time to spare, so we had our dinner, before heading back to Milano. Side note: my dinner (salmon penne) was a disappointment (I was expecting a piece of salmon with my pasta and NOT shredded and mushed up salmon bits mixed in with the pasta). Sigh. But my friend’s spaghetti vongole was super good. Of course, the only time we arrived in Milano early (expecting to have an early night – i.e. before 10pm), the train decided to break down 4 stops from our destination -.- All the announcements were in Italian, which left us quite confused and stranded. So after a lot of arguments between the train conductors and the public, the train was somewhat fixed, and we manage to get back to the hotel. Till the next post, bye!






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