Hi all!

From Salzburg, we took a day trip out to Hallstat, which was an adventure in itself. But can I just say how gorgeous Hallstat is! We took a bus from Hallstat to Dachstein where we visited the ice cave and the five fingers look-out point. Though can I just say that that day was totally not my day. I fell at least 3 times that day just by walking -.- The ice cave was quite an interesting experience that was quite different from the one I visited at Halong Bay, Vietnam.



The trail, a short trek up to the ice cave opening.




The start of the cave was quite cooling, a bit like air-con temperature. But it got progressively colder as we went deeper into the cave and the ice starts to form. Towards the end, I was just shivering and hoping that the tour of the cave would end soon. Haha. But it was fun though. The sad thing the guide mentioned though, was that as the temperature rose, a lot of the ice are starting to melt and eventually the ice part of the cave might just be a thing of the past.







IMG_5237 copy


The ice forming from a waterfall.


And behold! Marginally warmer air! Haha!


Look at how beautiful the trek down from the cave was!



After lunch, we took a cable car up to the five fingers lookout point. It was my first time seeing snow! So cool, though one I felt snow, it was quite anti-climax. It’s just like shaved ice. Lol.






I think it was quite a good day for paragliding that day. There were so many of people doing paragliding. We spent a good amount of time just watching them and discussing how they knew where to land. I mean there must  have been a course or something that they had to take but still, it’s quite interesting that they are able to spot the landing site from such a distance.


From here, we rushed back to take the cable car that would enable us to catch the last bus back to Hallstat. But alas! We missed it. Luckily, there was this random person who offered to drive us back down for a reasonable fee. So the group of us shared the car with another person and made our way back down. The history of hallstatt was quite an interesting one. The place also looked like a town straight out of a fairy tale.






Despite our attempts to catch the bus that we bring us back to the train station to get back to Salzburg, we somehow or rather missed it (?) Not sure if it was due to some communication error between us and bus drivers. By then it was around 5-ish, so we got some pasta and pesto sauce to cook our dinner at the hostel, just as the grocery store was closing. Quite cool that gates/bars would appear to prevent people from doing any further shopping.

Anyway, as we were wondering how to get back, the same person who drove us back down to Hallstat appeared and was ready to drive people who wanted to get to the train station to head back to Bad Ischul and later take bus 150 to Salzburg. Luck was with us that day though, despite my falls. Haha. Till the next post, bye!



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