Salzburg, Austria – Part 1

Hi all!

It was a dreary day when we reached Salzburg. Quite a change from the warmth we experienced in Budapest. We settled into our hotel and headed out to grab dinner at around 4pm only to find most shops closed quite early. Even grocery stores were starting to close at about 5.30pm. We basically had an early night that day.

Unfortunately, because I had to do laundry, and the washer/dryer was located in the kitchen, I woke up at 3 am just to get them done without needing to avoid people who were cooking. I think even the receptionist who was doing laundry too was surprised haha. Met a group of weird semi-drunk guys at the lobby so I tried to sit at an inconspicuous corner. But alas, one of them spotted me while I was on the phone. So using that as an excuse, I went away to hideout in the kitchen instead. Lol, quite creepy but funny also.


Perhaps it was a good day for weddings, we saw 3 different couples getting married at Mirabell gardens. The photographer for one of them was super funny, giving the couples weird instructions on how to pose. My friend and I could only wonder if the pictures would actually turn out nice.



I loved how the unicorn’s butt was strategically located just above the fortress.




I think apple strudel was supposed to be good in Salzburg but the one we had was not impressive.


Headed to 220 cafe, upon the insistence of one of the people in our group for coffee. Though I had chai tea instead that came in a very atas teapot. Quite cool and the staff were very friendly as well.



This smoothie was actually quite good (but pricey), I desperately needed some greens in my body, so when I saw spinach on the bottle I just grabbed it. Europe has a serious lack of green leafty vegetables, I realised. Most likely, I just didn’t know where to find them.


Am seriously quite awed by the size of this drainage hole.


Now, this restaurant, is one I would highly recommend even though it’s slightly on the pricey end. Their truffle pasta was so good and they were so generous with the truffle that we ordered a second plate.

Triangel – Address: Wiener Philharmonikergasse 7, A-5020 Salzburg





With nothing much to do in the city, we caught a marionette show for the magic flute, which was entirely in German, so we couldn’t understand a single thing. And even though there were English subtitles on the side (which was more of a summary of the scene), the experience is just not the same. Till the next post, bye!





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