The birth of sleeping beauty



IMG_5375 copy

Here’s us seeking shelter (with gelato!) at a food stall from the sudden downpour, while we waited for the shuttle bus service that would bring us closer to the castle.


IMG_4542 copy

IMG_5386 copy

The Neuschwanstein castle, or the sleeping beauty castle (which is how I remembered it),  was constructed under the orders of King Ludwig II as a personal refuge. It was quite pretty inside though I felt the castle was pretty overrated as an attraction.

IMG_4527 copy

At the opposite side is the Hohenschwangau castle, which was built by King Ludwig II’s father as his childhood residence in the 19th century.

IMG_4529 copy

IMG_5423 copy

A super nice and thick smoothie from the supermarket, as we rounded of our castle visit and headed back to Munich.


On a separate evening, we headed to the city center, where we managed to witness the glockenspiel clock playing at Neues Rathaus. Though the crowd that day was cray because there was some event going on at the Marienplatz.

IMG_5454 copy

I simply love how blue the water in the fountain is!


IMG_5456 copy

We then headed to Haxbauer, a restaurant famous for their pork knuckles to settle my friends craving for them. Since it was our last day in Germany, we also ordered a spaetzle, which is an egg noodle, that tasted like chewy pasta. A chicken salad and a fish with a side of potatoes rounded off our dinner. I’m not a fan of fried food, so the pork knuckles was an absolute no-go for me. However, the fish was quite fresh and light, making it quite tasty. I’ve one more post on the Blackforest coming up, and that would round up my visit to Germany. Perhaps it was the dreary weather we experience the entire time but Germany was not the place for me. Till the next post, bye!

IMG_5463 copy


IMG_5465 copy

IMG_5466 copy

IMG_5467 copy

IMG_5468 copy


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