A day in Danang

Hi all!

I hope the year has started well for you guys, since mine has definitely not been going well. That aside, I’ll share with you my day in Danang, last December. We flew into Danang from Ho Chi Minh on Vietnam Airlines, which was pretty affordable. The third capital of Vietnam that was situated between Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, Danang is a beach-site city, not infiltrated with large tourist crowds yet. Furthermore, it is a good place central base if you plan to head for a day trip to Hoi An or Hue.


After we had settled in, we quickly took a cab out to the city (since we stayed nearer the beach area) for lunch. Funnily enough, we ended up having the same taxi driver bringing us around the area for the rest of the evening. Lunch was a fantastic serving of royal herbal chicken soup that went fantastically with the rice. I thought it was quite interesting that the rice in Danang is served in this claypot like bowl, such that there’s bit of a crispy rice at the side. It’s abit like claypot rice in Singapore but without the charred rice bottom. They also had this Vietnamese tea that was awesome, it had a slight subtle taste of lotus that was not overpowering at all and superbly tasty. Our subsequent attempts at Vietnamese tea in the different areas we went to, did not taste the same. I think the taste was just unique to this restaurant. Le sigh…

Side note: We did attempt to find our way back to this restaurant on Christmas Eve, but to no avail. A 10 minute car journey turned into an hour traffic jam and the restaurant was closed by the time we got there. And let me tell you, we had a struggle trying to remember the name of the place for a long time since none of us took a picture of the restaurant the first time round -.-

IMG_2532 copy

IMG_2529 copy

After lunch, we headed to the Lady Buddha, a temple located at the top of a hill. It was pretty cooling here in Danang, perhaps because the area is located close to the sea. We also arrived in time to catch the sunset!




Putting up this picture, because I thought it was pretty interesting how the dog was showing its ass at me just as my Uncle knelt down to take a picture of the structure. Haha.



IMG_1285 copy



As you drive down the hill, you’ll come across this scenic view of the Man Thai village.

IMG_1327 copy

Coracles, or traditional fishing boats, are still utilised by the locals to ferry people and to cast their fishing nets into the sea.

IMG_1326 copy

Returning ashore, all in a good day’s work!

IMG_1332 copy

IMG_1335 copy

IMG_1340 copy

As the night falls, we made a pit-stop along the express way to bask in the chilly air as we attempt to grab a picture of the constantly changing colors on the dragon bridge.


Here are some bokeh-ish shots which I thought were quite pretty, strangely enough…



Supper/dinner, haha depending on how you look at it, was at a random seafood restaurant near our hotel. Here we have the chopped up fresh scallops, steamed crap and lala (a type of clam, I think).



We ended the day by heading to the rooftop bar atop our hotel, where we had a wonderful view of the city lights! Cheers!


Our attempt at catching the sunrise, early the morning before we took our flight back to Ho Chi Minh. Haha, we did actually stayed in Danang for more than 2D1N, but the rest of the time we were pretty much of to Hoi An or Hue for the entire day. So I’ve decided to compile the travel visit to Danang into a single post this time around!


After our failed attempt at catching the sunrise because it decided to hide behind the clouds, we rented bikes from our hotel, and took a leisurely morning cycle all the way until Man Thai fishing village. It was a good way to explore the area as you had the freedom to stop as and when you liked.

IMG_2705 copy

IMG_2699 copy

IMG_3038 copy

Some freshly caught (and skinned) seafood by the locals, we were debating what the creature below was. Our current opinion is its a seal (because of the whiskers), but what do you all think? Do people in Vietnam actually eat seals?


Here’s some cute little green-eyed squids

IMG_3041 copy

A lady rinsing the fishes caught in muddy water and laying them out along the entire stretch of road in the sun to dry. We also saw people laying out shrimps to dry as well…

IMG_3047 copy



A pretty shell laying on the beach

IMG_2728 copy

And my first time seeing a sand coin! The had piles of sand coins on the beach, which were essentially the “rubbish” from their attempt at fishing in the sea.

IMG_2731 copy

The scenic view along the beach

IMG_3048 copy

IMG_2738 copy

A morning view of the beach from our rooftop bar once more after we ended our short cycling trip! Here’s showing how densely populated the buildings are!

IMG_3057 copy


And this was my only good pho meal this time round to Vietnam :(. I had it from Big Bowl (a franchise restaurant in Vietnam I believe) at the Danang airport! If you have the chance, try out their baguette and their pho! Their baguette was unbelievably warm, soft on the inside and crispy on the outside! But this may not be sold (and taste may differ) according to the branches, so no promises!

IMG_3062 copy

Till the next post, bye!


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