Of black & whites

Hi guys!

It’s been a horribly long and busy past few months (and weeks). But I thought I would share some photos I took at different places the past month (or so) before they become just an image stored on my computer. Recently, I’ve been loving the soft, translucent and perhaps somewhat flat style of black and white images. They are scenes that have passed but represented a moment in my life when I desperately needed a breather from work. To those who are super stress out, I hope you’ll be able to capture a scene in your life that would give you as much comfort as these do.

IMG_0760 copy

IMG_0762 copy


IMG_0786 copy IMG_0806 copy

IMG_0840 copy

IMG_0875 copy

IMG_0881 copy

Image 1 | Image 2: East Coast Park, Singapore

Image 3 | Image 4 | Image 5: Coney Island, Singapore

Image 6 | Image 7 | Image 8: Christmas fair at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

One more week and I’m off to Vietnam for a short getaway! I honestly can’t wait to get myself some pho. Can’t wait, but till the next post, bye!


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