Seoul Day 4 & 5

Hi all!

‘Twas a pretty chill day. We visited Gwangjang market at about 9-ish for brunch. It’s Seoul’s first traditional market and they sell things from food to fabrics to cooking wares. It’s a nice place to have a look around, especially early in the morning when there’s not much crowd and you can get a place at the food stalls from their limited seats and try out the variety of food the market offers.

Directions: Jongno 5-ga station, Exit 7

IMG_0599 copy

A whole row of stalls here selling sundae (pig’s blood sausage) and other meaty stuff, I think.

IMG_9891 copy

Pig’s head on display,


silkworm pupae, known as beondegi in Korea, is a popular snack food. Although I’m not brave enough to try one, haha. Insects and me do not match.



We were here at the market to basically try out bibimbap (it’s all vege at the stall we patronised),

IMG_0609 copy



mungbean pancake (which they’re famous for and I majorly love it) and

IMG_0624 copy

mayak gimbap. I was actually pretty confused with this gimbap when I first heard of it as its name literally translates into drug gimbap! Lol. But it is just a mini gimbap, there are no drugs in it (unless pickled, perhaps a kind of veg, is your drug of choice) 😉 Though this (flavour) is definitely not something I would purchase again.

IMG_0630 copy

So I visited this stall twice. The first time I had a taste try of the mentaiko (the tray in front of the lady), which is cod roe. Then we went away and had our meal at the market before I decided to return and purchase a box of it to bring back home. The stall owners were super kind and gave their customers a bottle of yogurt drink! So sweet of them ^^ I was actually planning to give this to my dad so that he could eat it with rice for lunch. Lol, it turned out that he hated it and I had to try my best to finish them (they expire in 1 month). And it’s barely half way through but I’ve given up trying to finish the box.


Also, I would recommend getting your hands on some Korean seaweed at the market here or even at lotte mart. Let me tell you, once you’ve had a taste of their seaweed (there was this sesame flavoured one, oh gosh!), you’ll never look at seaweed the same way again. It’s literally life-changing! O.O

After brunch, we headed back to Edae as my friend wanted to do some cosmetics shopping. We stopped by Sulbing (a pretty popular dessert chain in Seoul) for shaved ice! We tried out their popular injeolmi shaved ice. It’s basically rice cake powder, mochi and some nuts on top of their (very fine) shaved ice. You pour the condensed milk over the dessert and you are ready to dig in! It takes at least the first 2 mouths to “learn” how to avoid inhaling the powder and choking yourself. But I really love this dish and can’t wait to try out more flavours! Super impressed and definitely highly recommend!!!

IMG_0639 copy

At night, we pretty much headed to lotte mart for some cheap shopping. It’s like GIANT (here in Singapore) or I would hazard a guess and say Walmart (in the States). It’s awesome. They sell everything from clothes, shoes, pet food, toys, food etc. There’s basically a plethora of goods available for you to grab!

Tip: Do remember to bring your own carrier to bring back your loot for the day unless you wish to pay for plastic bags. 🙂

Directions: Seoul Station, Exit 1




The next day, we headed out early (it was a Sunday), aiming to head to the T-money headquarters so that we could get a refund on the balance in our card. But because neither of us could read Korean, we couldn’t find out their opening hours online. So we got lost at some random commercial building before eventually finding our way to the HQ and discovered it to be closed. It was kinda expected but also quite sian cause we have been dragging out luggage around all day. But eventually my friend spotted the T-money logo at Paris Baguette (PB) and we basically splurged our money (on the card) there. This eventually allowed us to reduce the amount we had in the card such that we could claim our refund from the convenience store at the airport. Phew. It’s quite funny cause I’ve never ever set foot nor tried any of the food from PB but when I went to Seoul, I ended up eating quite a lot of their stuff. I wouldn’t say it’s worth the (previous) hype as I could definitely get waay better bread (at a much lower price) elsewhere.

The beautiful architecture of the old Seoul Station…


Having not had anything to eat other than banana milk and plain milk the entire morning, I was practically starving and ready to faint by the time we reached the airport. I gobbled up the super delicious gimbap I got from 7-11 in a matter of minutes. The good thing about it is that they already pre-cut the gimbap for you so you just need to pluck and eat. Very convenient for an on-the-go meal.


Some random procession at the airport… Lol, there was this random passer-by walking alongside the “king and queen” and waving to the people as he walked past them. Super funny, haha.


Then the crown prince and the princess (?)


At out transit in Kunming airport, China, in the middle of the night. Their airport was unexpectedly pretty (compared to Shanghai airport),


and I managed to finish up my entire packet of macarons (there was 6-8 I believe) by the time we reached Kunming. Good job me. So this marks the end of my Seoul trip, and till the next one, bye!



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