Colouring book?!!!

Hi all!

I was watching a youtube video by Zoella and she was sharing some of the things she got. Amongst them, was this colouring book by Johanna Basford called Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book. I was hooked! I was like I need to get it, RIGHT NOW! Lol, pretty dramatic but I’ll admit, I’m pretty obsessed with stationary and gorgeous books.

Front cover (Image obtained from Johanna Basford’s website)

And the book is just that, absolutely beautiful. It’s filled with intricate patterns and details that just makes me go wow, *speechless with amazement*. It’s a book literally filled with colouring potential. Just look at those details and let’s all take a moment to appreciate it.

A page within the book (Image obtained from Johanna Basford’s website)

So I immediately headed to Kinokuniya webpage but just my luck, their online search was down for “renovation” -.-. To explain a bit, Kinokuniya is the only bookstore in Singapore that I feel carry a wide selection of books. It’s awesome. The other two bookstores, Popular and Times, mainly carry books that are more well-known. So if it so happened that the book was not available in Kinokuniya, I most likely would’ve to purchase it online. However, I’m not that keen on shipping it since I like to be able to physically hold, touch and see the book before making the purchase.

It is also why I’ve been obsessively checking Kinokuniya’s webpage today to see if it is up and working. And they did have it in stores, yes!!! * fist pumps in the air* I’m super excited to start colouring it. Yes, I’m 21 and I’m still buying a colouring book, I’ve no shame in admitting it. I find colouring a surprisingly therapeutic thing to do. Plus, who says only children can colour, heh ;).


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