Failed brunch attempt and National Stadium

Hi all!

Last Saturday, just before Hari Raya, my family headed down to Kota Tinggi for some bak kut teh at Kiang Kee for brunch. I was expecting some queue since it was a long holiday that week. But horrors of all horrors, it was not only a long queue, but a super long queue. We started queuing at about 10 am and by 12 noon, we were still queuing. -.- The whole place was packed full of customers waiting to enjoy a piping hot bowl of clay pot bak kut teh cooked over charcoal on a cold, raining day. A style of cooking that is rarely seen nowadays with the invention of gas cookers.

By then, we overheard that customers have to wait about an hour for their order to arrive, we decided to leave the place and try our luck somewhere else to satisfy our hungry tummies. 😦 If we were to continue waiting, we would have to wait for another 3 hours (since we don’t even have a table) before we can get our food. Disappointed, we left the place with a nice view opposite the shop and stop at a random mall for lunch.

photo 2

Everything taste nice when you’re hungry and we gobbled up so many plates of different food. One thing I’ve to say, there’s a nostalgic taste to the tea, kopi and milo prepared in the roadside stalls in Malaysia compared to the kopitiam in Singapore. Maybe it’s the small cups they used which were more commonly used in olden Singapore. Somehow these drinks taste nicer over the causeway.

photo 3

We ended up doing some grocery shopping at GIANT before heading back home. And below is a random evening shot of the newly constructed National Stadium in Singapore. That’s all, bye!photo 1


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