A tourist slightly away from home, part 2

Hi all!

So I went to Legoland in Malaysia last last Sunday with my aunts, cousin and my brother. It was my first time to Legoland so I was pretty pumped up for the trip. So after a few wrong turns here and there, we finally made it there. I remembered thinking if I was a lot younger and actually stayed overnight in the Legoland hotel, I’ll probably be the happiest child that day. I mean the hotel (which was located near the theme park) resembled a toy castle, what’s not to like?!


So the rides at Legoland are pretty kiddish, I mean the place IS for kids. But it was still fun. The roller coasters are not the best but it’s definitely nice to sit it in and let the wind blow through your hair. The best part, there’s no or not much queue at each ride so you can pretty much play the same ride over and over again without queuing. And that’s a plus! I mean rides are fun but if I have to stand in a line waiting for 20 mins to an hour each time for a ride it just dampens my high. Meh, I’m the kind of person who gets bored really quickly if I have to keep on queuing for a looooong time.


And it’s at the roller coaster ride in this castle that my brother “lost” his phone. He actually dropped it during the ride and if my aunt didn’t make him ask the employees there we would have gone home a phone less. -.-


We then headed for lunch after a few more rides at Pizza Mania (which just behind this giraffe). The pizza was bleh, edible but it won’t make you go for a second slice.


After lunch, we headed to Lego studio to watch the Legends of CHIMA in 4D. Honestly, it’s best not to watch this show after lunch since there’s not much 4D effects other than the occasional water spray. In fact, I almost fell asleep in the theatre, oops!



Now this water ride was definitely fun. It’s not the most thrilling ride but we were splashing water at each other before we even went down the slope trying to get each other completely drench. In fact, after 3 times on the ride with my cousin and brother, I definitely look like I just stepped out of a shower with my clothes on. Even the dryer the park had didn’t help much in getting me dried. I pretty much went about my entire day in damp, dripping clothes and undergarments. Fun but not the most comfortable thing ever.



Next, all three of us drenched chickens went for this firemen-ish kind of ride where we had to pump up and down to move the fire engine and extinguish the flames. With two boys pumping like mad, it’s no surprise we “won” the game. Lol.



To end the day, we just walked about the lego mini land which I thought was pretty cool. It must have took quite some time (and a ton of patience) for the people to finish constructing the structures and buildings.






To end off, Legoland would probably be enjoyable for pre-school kids. For adults, probably not that much though it’s a place that would be okay to go just for the experience. Btw, I’m watching waaaay too many youtube videos nowadays and I’m probably off to watch more, bye!


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