A tourist in my own home, part 1

Hi all!

I’ve been pretty busy the past few days as I’m bringing my cousin’s cousin from Poland around Singapore. Previously, we’ve brought him to Pulau Ubin where we cycled to Chek Jawa and I almost died -.- Seriously, cycling is so much more work then walking to the same location. But that’s besides the point, lol. There was a happy hour promotion going on after 4pm so my aunt and I brought him to S.E.A aquarium, 4D adventure land and Wings of Time at Resort World Sentosa and Sentosa Island.

I’ve previously somewhat mentioned about S.E.A aquarium on this blog but this time round, I managed to capture more pictures that were not blurred or had a serious blue tint going on due to the lighting at the aquarium. So I thought I would share some of the more interesting pictures here instead of the usual fishes and jellyfishes.


As usual, before you entered the aquarium, there’s the experiential museum and it was there that there is a new “attraction” called the typhoon theatre. I was pretty excited about that since it was said that you could experience how a typhoon feels like. Also, it so happened that I recently watched a past episode on running man where the members had to wear a raincoat and brave the simulation of a typhoon to get the clue.So I thought okay that is gonna be pretty cool and I was mentally preparing myself for something similar to what I’ve seen. But, when we actually went into the theatre, I was pretty disappointed. Other than some light mist and wind, there was nothing, absolutely nothing that resembled a typhoon -.- The whole experience was something like a show with a poor storyline that is passable for children up till the age of maybe 12?

But that’s beside the point. Going back to the aquarium, I’ve managed to capture some pretty seahorses,

IMG_7037shark embryos (I think),


a cute little stingray, whose underside resembles a nervous face with trembling “arms”, IMG_7058moray eels and


sea urchins. IMG_7234

After the aquarium, we headed to Imbiah lookout (it’s at Sentosa Island but you can walk to there from the aquarium) for the 4D adventure land. We watched green lantern for the 4D ride and I kept expecting us to really “fly” during the ride. But alas, it didn’t happened. 😦

My aunt then drove us to the beach station to catch Wings of Time. The effects were not bad but the storyline was meh. Below are some of the effects you can expect during the show. I was pleasantly surprise by the fireworks! 🙂IMG_7277





After the show had ended, we drove to somewhere near the Fullerton hotel to see the Merlion and the night skyline.


IMG_7313That’s all for the night as we drag our tired bodies home, bye!


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