Hi all!

I headed over to Melacca for a short weekend getaway with my family last weekend and here are the pictures!

We reached the hotel fairly early (10 plus) and most of the shops were not opened yet. So we decided to chill at a cafe at the hotel lobby with a cuppa coffee and some cakes.


Below is the Equinox cake that I tried. It was pretty alright. There was this tangy jelly-like yuzu layer which compliment the sweetness from the white chocolate mousse. The hint of spiciness from the popcorn added some interest to an otherwise boring cake.


After which, we explored the city centre to see some of the touristy sites. A short walk from the hotel was the A’Famosa. The fort was built in 1511 to house the Portuguese administration. After switching hands a number of times, the fort eventually fell to the British. To prevent the fort from falling into the enemy’s hands, the English ordered the destruction of the fort in 1806. What is seen now is all that could be preserved by Sir Stamford Raffles when he visited Malacca in 1810.



From the fort, we took a short stroll to the Dutch cemetery  where there was nothing much to see. However, we could literally see so many wild butterflies flying about the area which was pretty cool. Going further uphill is the St. Paul’s Church. The missing right arm of Francis Xavier statue (see below) was due to a large casuarina tree falling on it, a day after it was consecrated in 1952. This was made even more interesting since Xavier’s right arm was removed in 1614 as a condition by the Pope then to canonised him. I’m not sure how true this is, but I thought it was a fun fact of slightly freaky coincidental incidents to share.



Here’s baby Simba trying to conquer the “mountain”.


As we headed towards Jonker street for lunch, we walked past this iconic brick-red building in Melaka, the Christ Church Melaka.


Near the Church is also where the Dutch Square is situated. This area is one of the more brightly coloured spots in the city centre though it is bustling with tourists and cars.


Just before we ventured into Jonker street to satisfy out tummys, we came across the Melaka River, with beautiful structures which adorned its banks. To me, the river serves as a form of boundary that separates the well-known touristy sites from the little shops where good food can be found.




At the entrance of the Jonker street is this popular chicken rice ball stall with a super long queue no matter the time of the day. We didn’t queue to eat here as the shop can only sit about 2-3 families at any one time and we were not interested in standing under the sweltering hot sun. But if you happen to be in Melacca and you’re willing to queue, why not give this shop a try!

photo 5




We settled for some Perenakan food that was not bad. It tasted like a nicely and warmly cook home-cooked meal. Lol, did I even make any sense?! We started off with some awesome kueh pati which had no prawns. That’s good cause I can eat it since I’m allergic to prawns. ^^


We (well my dad and aunt) had some chendol for dessert. Chendol is this sweet icy treat with gula melaka (coconut sugar), coconut milk and rice flour (which is the green worm-like thing).


Some muscle man statue along Jonker street which I thought was pretty weird/cool.


Followed by this cute little comic strip just outside the mamee museum.


For dinner, we had some Assam laksa (not pictured here) and the best carrot cake (the plate on the right) I’ve ever tasted. It’s literally the best meal I had in Melacca. Although the bean sprouts could have been prepared a little bit better but the main focus is on the carrot cake anyway. The carrot cake was slightly crispy on the outside and super moist and soft on the inside. It was seriously a mouthful of goodness. And let me tell you, I’ve eaten my fair share of carrot cake.

photo 1

Trying to squeeze through the crowd at the Jonker street night market is kind of a chore. But as were walking, we saw this little store selling ice-cream that resembled little potted plants. The attention to details like the brown cups, soil like biscuit (?) and the cute little plant at the top is just super cool. I didn’t had one, hence the blurr picture since I was trying to snap one before the owner handed the cup to an actual paying customer. Lol. I would’ve tried the ice cream if my stomach was not literally bursting at the seams from the dinner we just had.


As the night comes to an end, we headed back to our hotel and were met with hello kitty trishaws that throng the streets waiting for potential weary customers. Seriously, that amount of pink on those trishaws is really freaky to me. Just…waaay too much pink.

photo 3

That’s all, bye!



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