Toast without a toaster

Hi all!

Recently, I’ve been super into having a homemade subway-style sandwich for my breakfast/lunch.

IMG_6805 copy

However, we don’t own a toaster at home. Well we used to a really long time ago, but we didn’t really used it. So I believe it is rusting in a dark corner somewhere in the kitchen cabinet now. Anyway, I thought I would share how I toast my bread without a toaster!

1. Place the bread on a dry skillet over low to medium heat. Flip the bread regularly to ensure that you do not end up burning one side of the bread.

IMG_67832. Once the bread turns slightly brown, the toasting is almost done! If you like your bread to be super-toasted, just leave it on the skillet for a longer time until it reaches your desired level of toast-iness.

IMG_67863. Add your usual ingredients to your sandwich. I have here some herb-flavoured cheese, djon mustard, pickles, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and onions.


4. Add some salt and pepper if you’re spreading cheese to make the sandwich more flavourful! Also, I usually sprinkle some dried italian herbs and chilli flakes for that extra oomph.

IMG_6794And there you go, bon appetit!

IMG_6805I hope you enjoy your sandwich and have a toasty good day.



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