All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Of course our days are not filled with work and no play. The marketing group would usually head off to the market in the morning to get the ingredients for lunch and dinner. Besides, going to the market is always fun since the day will be a rather relaxing one *ahem, less construction, ahem* 😉

Chicken heads, chicken feet and any other possible chicken parts you can think of, it’s likely available in the market.



Buying vegetables to feed 20 plus people is always interesting since the store may not carry enough of what we want. So the store owner (in blue) will ask from her neighbours around her and there’s this trading thing going on. Lol.


Another interesting thing to note is that the people there are not afraid of others stealing their business. One time we wanted to buy mangoes and Benny (our guide in the Philippines) asked one of the fruit store owner where we can get some. She directed us to some other stores even though she was selling mangoes as well. It’s quite heart-warming to see this kind of friendliness going on even though they are all trying to make a living.


The noodles/condiments store. Condiments are usually sold in small little packets compared to the bottles we are used to.


Major fish chopping with a hammer.


That day, we were preparing to cook pancit (pronounced pun-sit), a noodle dish. Typically, people will often debone and remove the skin of a chicken. But there, every part is used even if don’t eat the bones at the end… This kinda reminds me of the GK village motto: no one is left behind. In this case, no chicken is left behind. Hehe.

After lunch, we would usually start teaching the village kids at 2pm, followed by some sports activities after the lessons are done. Lessons are definitely a challenge given the different ages, level of comprehension and personality of the children. We were task to teach colours that day and the older ones have definitely learnt them and were quite restless. On the other hand, the younger ones, especially the girls, are a lot quieter and slower. I felt there’s a fine line between managing the older kids (so they don’t lose interest) and the younger ones (so they don’t feel left behind and start doodling by themselves).

After colours, was an origami session. The kids had not done it before and the session proved to be an eye-opener for them. We ended the lesson with tons of cranes and kids preparing for an origami boat competition.


All GK village would have sports amenities, usually the basketball/volleyball court. The idea is that sports reduces the possibility of exposure/interest in smoking, gambling etc. Besides, the children have an endless amount of energy. They can run about the whole day and still have energy to play at 10pm -.- The children also pick up new sports very fast. We taught them volleyball, frisbee, American football and they got it immediately O.O There’s definitely never a dull day here.



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