Dear Aunt Agony…

Hello, to the remaining *ahem* if any *ahem* readers out there. I’m back, for a very very short while! Finals is finally OVER!!!! *throws confetti around* Lol. The past weekend leading up to the last 2 papers (which are today) was soooo painful to go through. It’s like you’re so close yet so far from the holidays. It’s as if there’s a bar of chocolate swinging right smack in my face when I’m sick -.- pure torture in my brain.

On a side note, I’m sure (at least if you’ve visited my blog) you’ll realise that I’ve changed the blog theme. Now, the blog looks plain, sparse, too clean. All this points to a possibly very lazy blogger, i.e. ME. But that’s not the case. The blog theme I chose, The Truly Minimal Theme, allows me to have a cleaner “workspace” to work on. Furthermore, I’m turning 21 next year so I’ll officially be an adult. It’ll be kinda weird if the theme of my blog appears as if I’m in my teens. Lol.


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