Frustrations of a Group-mate

This long post is simply a rant. You’re welcome to skip it. Lol.

When working in a group, I’m sure there’ll always be this 1 person you cannot really work well with but you tolerate them and try to be more accommodating. That’s what I’ve be trying to be doing the past few weeks. Be the bigger person, be more understanding, be more accomodating.

However, there comes a point in time when you’ve reach your limit on how much you can tolerate. Seriously, I’ve never seen anybody who is so stubborn and reluctant to see beyond their own sense of logic. It’s like talking to a wall. You cannot understand something the first few times, okay, I explain, my friends explain. Yet, if you simply refused to try and get it, that’s what makes it frustrating.

I’ve showed my close friends and my brother the Whatsapp chats I’ve had with her. They’ve passed judgement. I’m not being unreasonable. For instance, she posted a question on the group department chat and nobody replied after close to an hour. So she went to a separate (non-department chat that has me, her and another of our friend inside) and asked why I’m ignoring her and starts ranting non-stop. First of, dude, it’s like an hour since the question, not even a few days, and I was sleeping before that. Seriously?! Why so needy -.- Secondly, the others (there are 2 other people inside the department chat) also haven’t reply yet so why are you targeting only me???

So I replied to her question on the department group chat. And she continued on her rant refusing to acknowledge the fact that I’ve already replied. Really. To wake up and see these things is damn annoying. Secondly, the question she asked is one that has ALREADY been answered (in various form). It’s just that she absolutely refused to take the time to read and see beyond her own way of understanding things.

To make this clearer, on a totally separate group project related to Science, we (science peeps) preferred in-text citations and references while they (arts peeps) preferred footnotes and bibliography. So I’ve already said before we met up to do the video that I would paraphrase and cite my own part for the project. On the actual day, she asked me what nonsense I did. Like … It’s common knowledge that they are different ways of citing an articles. She didn’t know. Okay, I explained. My friend explained. Yet, she refused to get it. So, I said “never mind, just ignore the in-text citations and just continue compiling your way”.

At this point, she was kinda annoyed already. She then stated that the in-text citations meant I was copying directly from the articles I took them from WITHOUT parapharsing. Now, I’m also irritated and really, the topic on what in-text citation really meant has already been explain to her. She just wanted things to be done her way. It’s really frustrating and seriously, you’re already a uni student. You should be more flexible! At the end, citations become the arts style (with footnotes and bibliography) even though it was a science module -.- At least now, the prof has clarified on the style of citations to use. Hopefully, she’ll avoid fighting with the prof  just so she can stick to footnotes and bibliography and screw us all over with the possibility of plagiarism.

Back to the whatsapp chat, that incident was one out of many and is considered relatively mild. Firstly, she’s not the director of our department. Secondly, why is she squeezing something to do out of nothing since my department (liaisons) cannot do much until the possible activities to be carried out are finalised. Lastly, why must she take out her frustration on me. I don’t reply, even though I did, she demands to know why I never say anything earlier. I reply, and she refuses to acknowledge the fact that I’ve replied. People don’t reply (only after about an hour) what you want me to do?! Call and demand an answer???

It’s recess week and everybody is busy preparing for mid-terms. Nobody is so free to stare at their phone 24/7 waiting to see and reply to your questions. Really, it has been such a frustrating few weeks and with you taking your unjustified anger and stress out on me, it also makes me damn pissed. I’m trying to be nice and all since I know how much careless words hurt. But you’re making my job hard. Every conversation I’ve ever had with you is emotionally and mentally taxing and I can feel my blood pressure rising. If I end up having high blood pressure, you’re probably a main contributing factor. Kudos to you, you’ve made such a significant impact on my life.


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