A breath of fresh air…

With so many national parks in Singapore, the remote ones are undoubtedly the best. These parks retain much of the natural landscape though they have been made safe with proper walking trail for the visitors. With the past few gloomy days and rainy weather, my family wanted to head out to pulau ubin today since the weather appeared promising. However, with the super-uber long queue for the ferry ride and the lack of parking spaces, we decided to switch our destination to lower pierce reservoir.

Because the trail is within a “forest,” it can get kind of humid and warm if the weather is hot. Anyway, seeing some greenery is always good especially if you’re like me: a bespectacled four-eyed girl who is practically blind without her specs 🙂


Here are some of flora and fauna sights along the trail:





As the forest trail ended, the reservoir comes to sight.


And at the end of the reservoir trail, this barren tree caught my eye and I just had to capture a picture of it. I’ve no idea why, but maybe cause these trees always make a good black and white shot (especially just before a thunderstorm). A weird obsession with barren trees. Lol.


Btw, happy 48th birthday Singapore!!!!


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