Summer treats~

Since discovering green tea flavoured kit-kat, I’ve tried other versions like the sakura green tea and the ichigo (strawberry) flavoured ones. The sakura green tea had a soft, slightly spongey (?) center that tasted a bit like cake. Though I couldn’t really taste any sakura in it. While the ichigo one tasted slightly like real strawberries mashed and mixed with cream. It’s not bad but I prefer the slight tanginess the actual fruit has to offer.

With summer here, I’ve decided to try a new flavour: passionfruit kit kat. Heh heh! It has a subtle aroma and it does not have that fake fruit taste or the feeling that it’s very creamy. It’s super light and refreshing ^^


Going along with the yellow/orange theme, the apricots (top) and mango nectarine (bottom) has caught my attention this summer. :]



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