Diving lessons & horror experience

Yes!!! I’ve made it through my first driving lesson. I’m learning how to drive a manual car even though most people drive an auto car these days. But! It’s a lot of fun and I don’t think I’ll regret it (at least until I total up all the money I’ve spent on my lessons, haha). When I’m in the passenger seat and my dad goes at 80-100 km/h on the road, it doesn’t feels as fast as when I’m going at 20 km/h moving forward (on a straight road) and reversing. Lol.

The toughest part for me would probably be controlling the pressure I exert on the accelerator since the reading (at least for a beginner like me) on the tachometer is not suppose to go beyond 2. I sometimes go beyond this value when I’m focusing on other parts like making sure I don’t crash into others when I’m reversing. Haha. But still, the experience when I first drove the car from a stationary position is kinda fun and a bit scary. Now, I’ve to be a lot more alert unlike those times when I’m in the backseat playing about. Haha. But still, I’m looking forward to future lessons and hopefully all goes well. 🙂

So the above post I wrote it when all was nice. But!!! recently on the 4th lesson, the freaking instructor who appeared so reluctant to be there (he was 10 mins late) when mad and decided to fully open the passenger door WHEN! I was driving. And there were cars parked at the side. I mean really. It’s so dangerous and he still had the cheek to say “See ah, if you hit the cars I don’t car already.” Even though he warned me twice already, I supposed he could have used a safer way to demonstrate a way to gauge the safe distance rather than opening the doors when someone is driving. It’s so rude and freaking scary especially when I’m still learning how to drive. It’s also poor safety management. I was so freaking annoyed and pissed off the whole day that I couldn’t sleep. But really, when you pay $66 for a lesson, you’ll expect better service than that. Or maybe I should just not have any expectations for that institute. Hmm.


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