Bangkok Day 3

Last day here, we went to Chatuchak in the morning. There’s really sooo many stalls here and you’ve need to be really good at bargaining if you want to get a good discount from the things you’re buying.

The walkway is also kinda small, so when there’s a crowd you’ve got to be prepared to “push” your way through. I get kinda irritated when people stop in the centre of the walkway when they want to view something instead of standing to the side. Seriously?! Must you block everybody behind you -.-


The many interesting sights that Chatuchak has to offer ^^


After that, we headed to Naraya and Big C supermarket for some goodies. Shampoo at Thailand is really cheap. It’s about 79 baht which is around S$3 plus. So I bought a few bottles back. Lol. Here’s a picture of a relatively okay traffic flow. (Though it still looks quite bad to me, haha.) For heavy traffic flow, just imagine the road to be packed with cars that are practically immobile.


After that, we enjoyed a banana and nutella crepe from a stall near our hotel before heading to Asiatique. 🙂 Asiatique is a rather nice place to take some pictures, enjoy the sea view, shop a bit and eat.



Kinda sad to leave Bangkok since I think there’s lots more to explore and … SHOP!!! Haha. It’s really a shopping paradise and everything is quite cheap. Will love to back there again when I’ve the $$$. Trololo ~


2 thoughts on “Bangkok Day 3

  1. George Hardwick says:

    That picture of the rabbit in a dress is pretty awesome! Talk about marketing your product. That traffic also looks pretty intense. I would say it would be a good city for biking, if I hadnt been told that the traffic there is close to suicidal. Glad you could enjoy the bargains on your last day. Nice Post!

    • lalalooney says:

      Hello, thank you for your comment! I suppose with the variety of shops there, shopkeepers are quite innovative in ensuring they stand out from the crowd. Haha, yup. It’s probably not sane for any bikers to attempt the roads of Bangkok.

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