Chinatown, Bangkok style – Day 1

Hello ~ I’ve poof-ed to Bangkok from 6/June to 9/June recently. When I got there, we took a big taxi (for 4 people) to the hotel. It was 700 baht (including toll fee). With drivers whizzing in and out of cars, tuk-tuk and motorcycles, the entire driving system there is chaotic at best. Traffic jams are horrendous (e.g: a 10 mins journey can become 1 hr) though the people there are quite courteous drivers. We stayed at Glow Pratunum hotel (opposite Platinum mall). I thought the room was quite big and the toilet was pretty though the so-called pretty view from our window was nothing more than a collection of small buildings. Nothing fancy.


Headed to Platinum Mall food court for some light-bites before heading to Chinatown for dinner. While walking along the roads, one can catch a glimpse of the hardworking Thai making leather bags, painting, designing etc. goods for sale.


Once we were at Chinatown,


we headed over to a seafood restaurant for dinner. With so many seafood restaurants in the area, we went to this one, where the uniform of the workers were red.


Here’s some Tom Yum soup,


a kind of herb fish (mainly pandan leaves and other herbs) that was very fragrant and


crab with vermicelli ^^


While the food was nice, the bird nest with gingko we had for dessert was bleh! It tasted like a mixture of plain water with fake plastic-y bird nest. Definitely not the best thing to order. After dinner, we strolled the streets of Chinatown, taking in the interesting sights in the area. Some shark fin,


ēƒ§č‚‰ and


freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. The red pomegranate is super sweet while the white pomegranate (unique to Thailand) with lemon was super sour. Lol. But both are equally delicious to drink…drool.



The different eateries along the road were compacted together.


And here’s a little piggy hanging on a stall selling pork meat to end off my first day there šŸ™‚



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