A little taste of Chinatown, Singapore style ~

Filled with history, Chinatown is one of the tourist hotspots in Singapore. With signboards to guide you about, navigating the area is not a worry. Besides, Singapore is so small that you’ll find your way sooner or later. Lol. First stop was to find the Sook Ching Centre. I was expecting a shop but it turns out there was only a plaque that proclaimed the space around it was once a registration centre where the Kempeitai would screen Chinese males during the Japanese Occupation.

Walking along South Bridge Road, I came across the Sri Mariamman Temple. Constructed in 1827, it is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. In the past, it acted as a shelter for Indian immigrants and was the only place where Hindu priests had the authority to solemnise marriages. Here’s a picture of the gopuram (entrance tower), a six-tier structure filled with Hindu deities and other figures and decorations.


Down the road, I came across this gallery,


where this picture caught my eye. It reminded me of some ancient Chinese shows with the emperor (yellow robe), his advisors (red robe) and the eunuch (black robe). Lol.


Next to this gallery, there’s another shop with the lotus shoes on display. In the past, females with small feet were viewed as dainty looking. So many of them tie-up their feet from a young age to fit into these pretty shoes which are super small. You’ll probably have difficulty squeezing your hand in one of them, let alone your feet. Can I say OUCH!!! The things women do for beauty, lol.


Along Sago lane, is the street of the dead. Lol, sounds so ominous. In the past, death houses lined up along both sides of the street. The poor then come here to die since death in one’s home is seen as bad luck.


Lastly, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. The temple was quite strict in their dress-code. I couldn’t enter cause I was wearing shorts though other temples I have visited have no problem with people wearing shorts. Hmmm.



Okie, bye~


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