do you still READ them???

You know how when you’re young you’ll write your name over books and everything cause you think it looks cool and pretty? Like some big shot, haha. Then when I grew up, I wrap my paperbacks cause I didn’t want to damage them. But after a long time, the tape used to wrap the books becomes sticky. Lol.

Admittedly, I used to be a bookworm before I went to JC. Now, I seldom read books due to the lack of time or because I’m reading the more convenient (though less polished) fanfics online. Haha. So even though reading “e-fanfics” are more convenient, I still prefer the feeling of paper. Also, it’s less taxing on my eyes since I don’t have to stare at the screen the whole time. Anyway, I recently bought Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress and Inferno.

I think Digital Fortress is easier to follow and I love the way Brown wrote the book cause it makes me wanna study codes and stuff. Lol, although I’ll probably want to burn those codes after studying them for a while. Inferno has a lot of literary references so it made my head spin for a while as I try to make sense of the book and what is going on. The book only made sense (at least to me) from the middle part onwards. Lol. Anyway, both are good books considering that my preferred genre is fantasy. Heh heh.


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