Hair salons…in the past

Over the years, hair salons have become very atas-looking or at the very least, more modern. But 2 years ago, I signed up for an architecture workshop and we had to interview shops with a long history in the Joo Chiat area. The weather was hot that day and we were melting, lamenting the difficulty in finding shops with at least 40 years (I think) of history there. Then, we stumbled upon this retro-looking shop!

Found out that this shop had about 80 years (not very sure but it’s long) of history and the auntie kindly let us take some photographs inside. The group of us practically invaded her shop lah. So many people inside then super cramp. Haha. Quite excited to actually see these kind of “old” shops in Singapore since a lot of these places have closed/torn down/modernised 😦




Look at those chairs where they wash your hair O.O Super cool lah.


Kinda sad that these places are becoming rarer to spot nowadays. Then anyway, we anyhow walk (again!) and we saw the Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple along Ceylon Road.


Okie, bye~


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