Green Tea Kit-Kat

Growing up, a lot of the times when teachers hand-out chocolate, its ALWAYS kit-kat. Sure, I like them but after a while, I kinda dislike eating them. I know, I know, its the thought that counts but still…my taste-buds are involved too. I’ve to consider their feelings. Lol. But yah, I seriously have not eaten kit-kat for more than 10 years already.

But recently (okay, not so recent. haha) there’s the green tea kit-kat that was introduced and a lot of ppl were recommending it. I love green tea so I thought, why not give it a try. Lol, first time in so many years I was encouraged to eat kit-kat. BUT! its sooo difficult to find in Singapore lah (or maybe its cause I a bit fail -.-). And after sooo many months, I finally found them in the supermarket near my house. Haha, it was almost out-of-stock too! Super happy ^^ Took my first bite and I’ve fallen in love with it. Tasted like green tea frap from Starbucks 🙂 Super おいしいですよ! 私は緑茶のチョコレートが大好きです。

P.S I’ve just started learning jap so the phrasing might be abit weird. Haha 🙂


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