Oh brain, why you stop functioning???

Ever had the awkward moment when:

  1. Your brain stops thinking
  2. you’re operating on autopilot
  3. someone approaches you with a question
  4. you give a nonsensical answer.

This has happened to me sooo frequently recently that I’ve lost count.

Since I’m replenishing the stock floor day and night (that’s my job scope), my brain switches off cause the tasks are honestly quite brainless. So when a customer approaches me on my last day of work, the convo went something like this:

Customer: Excuse me, can you help me check if there’s a M for this (holds out black jean jacket)

Me: Sure, please wait for a moment. (Few minutes later…) Sorry miss, this is the last piece.

Customer: Oh, okay. (Brings daughter who is trying the green jean jacket (in size M) over) Can you tell me why this is like that? (Bunch up the excess cloth at the shoulder area)

Me: (thinking – Isn’t it cause her shoulder is too narrow???) maybe its designer problem?

Customer: I don’t think so. Nevermind, thanks.

A while later in the stockroom then I realise it should be CUTTING problem. NOT! DESIGNER problem -.- Seriously?! Epic fail sia. Lol.


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