Favourite childhood trip!

Throughout my childhood years, the zoo has definitely been one of my top favourite place to visit (of course, this is due to the limited number of places in Singapore). Lol. So over the past 2 years or so, I started re-visiting the zoo again . Anyone who knows me will realise that I practically go crazy over animals. I love to photograph them simply because they have one of the best expressions. It is especially rewarding to sit there and wait patiently for that millisecond of facial expression. Of course, it’s equal parts annoying when you fail to capture THE moment. Haha.

This lemur was just lying lazily on the hand-rest, staring at the people walking past.


I was totally unprepared when the hippopotamus decided to open its mouth, resulting in a blur picture. But, it’s the moment that counts (cause usually the hippos at the zoo are always underwater, at the same position -.-). Haha.


My favourite subjects, definitely the monkeys. Here’s the spider monkey during feeding time as they scramble for food. Both for their young and for themselves.



Here’s a cute pic of the small chimp!


Another monkey shot, this is the Goeldi’s Monkey.


(Random note: According to Fragile Earth Blog, liking monkeys means I wish to keep them as pets :O since they represent fun, energy etc.)

Here’s the bats during feeding season. Rather territorial when fighting for food, it’s the first time I got to see bats up-close.


Okie, bye~


2 thoughts on “Favourite childhood trip!

  1. Fragile Earth Blog says:

    The zoo is one of my favorite places as well. We have the Bronx Zoo fairly close to us and when we go visit my brother in Baltimore I love to go to the National Zoo in Washington, DC. The polar bears (really all bears) and elephants are my favorites.

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