Flowers everywhere!!!

At Gardens by the Bay, you can expect to see the iconic Supertrees standing out from afar. At night, these trees light up to form a beautiful scene alongside the backdrop of the dark sky.


By viewing through this hole, it offers a whole new perspective to a simple tree.


Different art sculptures through the use of plants 🙂


So recently there’s the tulipmania event being held from 29 Apr to 20 May at the flower dome. It’s sort of a smaller scale version of Keukenhorf with the flowers flown in from the netherlands.


It’s a good thing since I don’t have to empty my pockets to fly all the way to the netherlands but nothing will beat the real deal. Lol. Also, there’s a slight fragrance from the flowers in the air in the conservatory, so you’ll walk out smelling good. Haha

IMG_5366 IMG_5408 IMG_5436

Tulips galore! 🙂

IMG_5506 IMG_5507 IMG_5508

IMG_5478 IMG_5502


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