Resort World Sentosa

With the appearance of Resort World Sentosa, there has been a greater increase in attractions in Singapore. Of course, as tourist attractions, some of these places are rather pricey. At RWS, besides being near to Sentosa, there’s also the Universal Studios Singapore (USS). Comparably smaller to those in other parts of the world, the only nice rides in my opinion are the Battlestar Galactica and Revenge of the Mummy. I’ve yet to go back to sit the other newer rides that have just came out.


The only thing to do there beside the rides, is to take a lot of pictures to make the most of your money. Lol.


Near the USS, is the Maritime Experiential Museum and the Marine Life Park. These two places are linked. I think if you want to visit the aquariums, the one at RWS is slightly better compared to the one in Sentosa…since it has a greater variety of marine life. The museum is rather educational and hands-on, so it’s a pretty interesting place to bring the kids.


Some corals,


fishes and




At night, there’s the crane dance and the lake of dreams. Anyway, the two times I went for the crane dance, there was technical errors half way through the show -.-. The lake of dreams had certain elements in it that were interesting but it’s not an attraction that I would visit twice.


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