Taiwan 2010 Day 4 & 5

Headed for Dr. Sun Yat-Sen and Chiang-Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. I’ve actually been to both places before but that time was with a tour group and everything was kinda rushed. It was a get off the bus, take a picture and get on the bus again. So this time, we decided to re-visit both places and explore the area a bit. On the way to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, we saw the iconic Taipei 101 again -_-


At the hall, there’s a museum inside (free) which displays different artefacts in his life (I think O.O… it was too long ago, lol)



Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s statue…


After that, we took the MRT to Chiang Kai Shek station, which was quite pretty and very quiet. There was this french fries-looking architecture which added a sudden burst of colour to the largely blue-green environment 🙂


 And this is the structure where tour buses will let you alight to take a picture with before leaving the area.
The steps up the building does not look very long but looks can be deceiving…almost peng-san when I finally reach the top
But the view was worth it.
Inside the structure is also where you’ll get to see the changing of guards ceremony and Chiang Kai Shek’s statue.
After that we had lunch at the first 鼎泰豐 store. While walking there, we saw this wall filled with cartoons and my childhood favourite show: Pokemon. Haha, here’s a slightly mutated Pikachu (^^)~
Their 小笼包 is really really good and their side dishes were not bad too ~ Compared to their branches in Singapore, the food there is sooo much better and tastier.
Super love to eat 小笼包 with vinegar and ginger. Always spam both of them, heh heh.
After lunch, we headed to some street to have a chocolate dessert at chocoholic, which from online reviews was not bad. BUT! the store was not open yet -.- It only opened at 4 that day, I think.
Anyway, we ended up eating mango shaved ice which was slightly expensive but the portion was super big. We also a bit siao lah … cold weather still eat shaved ice -.- But damn shiok :# Went back to the hotel for some R&R before heading to the nearby Taiwan Storyland. It’s a nice place to visit to “see” the past! 🙂
Gashapon (it’s a Japanese word). You insert a $1 coins (prices may vary), turn the knob and you’ll get a mystery gift/toy.
Alleyway in the past… You’ll have posters, announcements etc. being pasted on the walls
The classroom…so much difference from the tables and chairs we are used to now.
Inside an apartment…
Some fortune readings…
Shaved ice machine to make ice-ball (present day ice kachang). If there was someone actually selling ice ball there, I’ll surely buy one lor.
After that, we did some shopping at ximending  and to see 西門红楼 before going back to the hotel to pack. Bye bye Taiwan ~ ^^

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