So a few days back before I had my geopol paper, I had a hard time falling asleep. SO…I tried counting sheeps. Somehow, my sheeps evolved into a squid while I was counting them. Like ??? And I ended up having a stare fight with the squid. To prevent others from disturbing the fight, the squid started using its tentacles to taser the other fishes etc.

Then, I finally fell asleep halfway through the staring. BUT, this time I was in a school hall this time and we were having PE. While I was trying to hit the volleyball, a tennis ball came flying by from the tennis court which was in the opposite building. Somehow, this became a fight and we started shooting guns at each other from the balcony. Guns became grenades (with the safety pin on).

Dream ends here. Kinda disturbing dreams but nonetheless, amusing. Haha.


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