Taiwan 2010 Day 3

We started the day by trying to locate the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan since we didn’t have the exact address of the place -.- Anyway, along the way from the train station, we walked past this park that was decorated with flowers and characters from the Wizard of Oz. It added a 童年回忆 kind of feeling to the place 🙂


Along the way we realised we got off at the wrong station -.- No wonder it felt like we had been walking non-stop for far too long. The museum is located at a commercial-looking building with this small little entrance. So relieved when we finally found this place, it means that we were not walking in the wrong direction :/


You should spend some time here as the pieces on display are rather interesting and the entrance ticket is quite reasonable.


The detailing in some of the displays are simply…wow!!! The patience and time to do all these…kudos to the artists



There are also different scenes extracted from fairytales like Pinocchio…


…The Emperor’s New Clothes.


Some iconic sights like the Roman Ruins


After lunch, we took the train to beitou station. The area is famous for its hot springs and since it was December, it was the perfect time to visit the place ^^. There was a Japanese tea ceremony & dance event held there, so here’s a “I’m pretending that I went to Japan pic” lol.



Onwards to 地热谷 (Beitou Thermal/Hell Valley). The hot spring water had a sulphurous smell to it … slightly strong though tolerable… Stayed in the area for some pictures and to stare at the changing mist rising from the water before it became too warm…


Though it was a cold weather, it was so refreshing to eat this sour plum ice cream (but its more like a popsicle) after coming out of the valley. Would really recommend people to try this flavour if you’ve not eaten it before :B


Took the train all the way to the opposite end of the line to Danshui to see the sunset. Had a refreshing ai-yu jelly drink (my favourite, hehe) while waiting for the sun to set. Here’s my fried 金针菇 making an appearance with the evening sun.


The sunset was rather pretty except there was construction going on in the vicinity… sian.


Since Christmas was near, out comes the lights deco.


Drank some warm plum drink from this shop which was supposedly quite famous. But I didn’t really like it…


Had muah-chee at this shop in Danshui before heading back to the hotel. The muah-chee is super duper uper Q 🙂 And there’s different flavours (compared to the usual peanut one) and warm and cold muah-chee.



Unfortunately, my bladder was bursting and there was no toilet. So, I couldn’t accommodate anymore food in my stomach 😦 On a side note, one of my pet peeve here is the serious lack of dustbins 😡 Toilets also appears to evade me when I need them -.-


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