Coffee, a love-hate relationship

Coffee, a drink that does no good to our teeth… How did we become addicted to it? Since when did we make the switch from a non-coffee drinker to a coffee drinker? Why have our coffee intake suddenly surge??? These are just some of the questions I thought of when I reflect on my sudden surge in coffee intake these last 3 months.

1. We unknowingly hook ourselves to it. When we take our first sip of it, some ppl will go “EW! I’m never drinking it again.” A few days/weeks/months etc. later when we are in a desperate need for a pick-me-up, you give it a second-shot. And since our brain is not functioning properly at this time from the severe lack of sleep… You go “hey, this is actually not bad!” And this, is the start of a love-hate r/s with coffee.

2. With stress/peer pressure/hectic lifestyle/just for the heck of it etc., it comes to a point where most people will try coffee at least once in their lifetime.

3. After the first few times, you will unconsciously seek it out as your source for a perk-me-up. (It’s at least healthier then the sugar infused drinks out there like red bull etc.). Over time, our taste buds ‘evolved’  and we develop a new appreciation for it. We become coffee tasters as we seek for “the one”, one that we will marry into our daily lives.

4. With coffee tasting and constant drinking of coffee, we find ourselves disappointed when one day we realised that our good friend is no longer as effective as before. So, we up our dosage!

5. Of course, with higher dosage and higher-class taste buds, we splurge more on coffee beans/powder etc. Even ones which comes from ridiculous sources like bird shit (Seriously?!)

Anyway, that’s the end to my nonsensical rant on coffee. And that’s because of my recent “heavy contribution” to the coffee making industry in lieu of sleepless nights & exam stress 🙂


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