Taiwan 2010 Day 1 & 2

The first time I went to Taiwan, I didn’t have a camera yet. This time, it was a 5 days, free & easy trip so I managed to see a lot more sites compared to a tour trip. Weather was pretty awesome in early December…Travelled from one place to another through their train system. Super easy to navigate and very convenient. Also, most places have signs outside of the station to direct you to the areas you want to visit. Tickets were reasonably price and quite affordable. Though, I have a pet peeve with the ticket being a token instead of a card or ticket. It makes it very easy for me to lose it -.- A quick tip is that there’s a lot of places (museum, farms etc.) that have a chop/stamp that you can collect, so bring a small notebook if you want something to commemorate your experience there. 🙂


Stayed at Caesar Park Hotel Taipei and it’s super convenient with the Taipei main station at the basement of a nearby shopping area and the railway and bus station opposite the hotel 🙂 Anyway, we arrived late at night and so we quickly grab a on-the-go dinner and headed towards Taipei 101 to visit the observatory. The tickets are quite pricey and not very worth it but I guess it’s okay for a one-shot touristy experience. Here’s the cute mascot (in red) for the observatory:


The building is apparently held in place by this ball-like thing which is actually quite heavy.


And these are some of the exhibits on display…




This picture is taken from the 89th floor, I think. That day we couldn’t climb up to the 101th floor. I think it was due to bad weather issues or something like that…


The second day we visited the Taipei Zoo. Childish and really weird but I’ve a strange obsession with zoo during that period (although now isn’t any better), haha. The zoo is pretty well-maintained with a reasonable variety of animals. A pretty good place to bring the kids.


The zoo even have cute lockers ^^ Feels like some kindergarten school outing trip and they make the students put their stuff in here


Here’s where the pandas are. And since you cannot stop and stare at the panda for a reasonable period of time or they are always showing you their butt, you can purchase your panda memorabilia here


And this is the “meditation site” near the monkeys. It just reminds me of some Indian guru sitting here and meditating as the sun sets…


An elephant that’s acts like-a-boss after shitting…

P1030558 copy

… and a very epic face of a camel trying to whistle


See how beautiful the zoo compound is :0


After the zoo trip, we went to the nearby shengkeng old street (深坑老街) where there’s all sort of tofu food. Tofu ice-cream, tofu cake, tofu pudding, normal tofu-style fare etc. You name it, they probably got it


And this store sells grilled tofu which is seriously yummy… Super fragrant, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside… damn good! There’s a relatively long queue for it too, heh heh. Here’s my 综合 style 烤香豆腐 🙂

And this is the shop I visited this street for 🙂 Saw it on a travel program in Singapore and was looking forward to trying their tofu stuff.


I really love their tofu pudding. It feels like beancurd (but silkier) except there’s a slight tofu instead of soyabean taste. The tofu cake is also very soft and moist. A bit of a tofu taste to it but its not very overpowering.
Some other tofu fare…
After lunch, we took the train back to visit the 小巨蛋. There’s nothing much going on here and we left quite quickly…
For dinner, I got some carrot cake at a night market near the hotel. Super love the chilli sauce so I ate this for breakfast the rest of my time there 😛 And now, I’m craving it -.-

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