Siem Reap Day 4 & 5

Having visited some of the “must-see” temples on our list, we were unsure what to do on our 4th day here. We discussed with our tuk-tuk driver who brought us to see the countryside area in Siem Reap and a few other places we wanted to visit for US$21. The drive was long, bumpy and VERY sandy! By the end of the day, my whole body was covered with sand and my butt aches. My eyes was practically “eating” sand during our ride. But the wind was super shiok, haha. You can actually choose to cycle along the countryside but I would suggest that only to those who are super fit. Because the weather can get quite hot and it drains your energy quite fast. So, if you’re not fit, you might find yourself stranded along the countryside. Lol.


Some of the kampung-style houses along the road


There are a lot of padi-fields in the area. So, there’ll be a lot of villagers transporting the rice in tractors or by cows.


After the scenic view of the country side, we headed to Beng Melea. You have to buy another ticket (US$5) to enter. Its more of a rubbles kind of temple. So if you’re into exploring, it can be a rather interesting place to be.


After lunch, we headed to Cambodia Landmine Museum. They apparently jacked up the prices of the tickets to US$5 (I think) compared to the previous US$1-2 (?). But anyway, it is a rather small place and unless you’ve have read about the horrors of the Cambodia genocide/you’re interested in bombs etc., this place might be a bit of a disappointment.



We visited Kampung Phluk after that. Initially, we didn’t want to visit a floating village but since we had time, might as well do so. Not a bad place to visit. The children are simply adorable. They’ll wave to the tourists that passed by them.


Headed out to visit the temples in the Roulos group. First up, Lolei. It was under construction so there was nothing much to see here.


Next, Preah Ko was rather small. The temple grounds is as shown in the picture below. Really small.


Finally, Bakong. I find that it’s THE temple that brings justice to the other temples in the group. At least we ended our day with a nice temple visit 🙂


Headed to the hotel for some needed rest before going to a restaurant (per tuk-tuk driver recommendation) to see some aspara dancing. I practically had to scrub off the sand accumulated on my body that day when I bath -.-


On our last day, we headed to the the nearby market to buy some last minute souvenirs back. Had some sticky rice mango dessert at a cafe too ~




Rot-ted at the airport for a long time before getting on the flight back to Singapore. Prior to the trip, I knew nothing about Cambodia but because I’m currently doing a module that talks about the Cambodian Genocide, I think it would be better if you’ve some idea about the history of Cambodia before going there. It would allow you to better relate to the sights etc. Kinda regret knowing nothing at that time now… Haha


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