Siem Reap Day 3

Today’s journey takes us further away from the main temple grounds so the tuk-tuk (same driver as the previous day) costs about US$15. Headed to Angkor Wat to see the sunrise at about 5.30. There was a lot of people there and even though I managed to move to the front, there was this group of friends standing on a piece of land that extends beyond the water line. It sort of destroyed any photo-taking opportunities, since there will always be someone’s body parts in the photo -.- The most ironic thing I heard was this guy in the group saying it’s the experience that matters not the number of photographs you take. YET! he and his friends were taking so many pictures of the landscape when the sun rose and was there at 3 plus -.- I was like … if it’s the experience you don’t actually need to be there at 3 in the morning and take a billion pictures and block others.

This was the number of people crowding about the lake even when the sun had rose and I was already leaving the area. So if you want to get a good picture, I would suggest coming super early (around 3-4?) to get a good spot. Any later, and you might as well come at 5.30.


Started the day off with Pre-Rup. I’m a seriously short person and the height of most of the steps here are around my knees. It made the climb difficult and freaking scary especially when I was coming down. Plus, the width of the steps is super narrow. Its slightly shorter than the length of my foot and I’m mostly a size 5. Almost slipped off the steps twice 😦


Headed to East Mebon after the scary climb. After this temple, I sort of became immune to the much higher steps compared to the first day 🙂 Heh heh!


After that we want to Banteay Srey. One of the prettiest temple, though very sandy. Definitely a MUST to visit!


After lunch, we visited a temple complex (which name I cannot remember) constructed above ground. Apparently, during the wet season, the temple appears as if its floating on water. Quite cool B-)


Went to Ta som after that. The security guard sitting down there really destroyed the aesthetic appeal of the place 😡


Then we went to Neak Pean. Had to cross this ridiculously long bridge to visit this temple where we can only view it from a distance. Sian…


Since we ended the day of temple visit early, we headed to Wat Bo (by tuk-tuk this time, haha). But I think the day of much more majestic temples sort of distort my perception of Wat Bo’s “grandeur”. A bit of a disappointment…


Took a quick rest at the hotel before going to the night market for some window shopping. The prices are ridiculous and most of the things are the same so I didn’t buy anything.


Anyway, today mark the start of subsequent sandier days. Lol.


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