Siem Reap Day 1

So I went to Siem Reap last year from 20 Dec to 24 Dec 2012 and stayed at Karavansara Retreat & Residences. Its not a bad resort-style (?) hotel if you don’t mind the random bugs.


I could only access wi-fi on the first day from my room. Subsequently, there was no more wi-fi connection 😦 Until the last day, when I managed to access it (FINALLY!!!) from the “lobby.” Felt so happy when I could get my internet connection again. Heh heh. After all, we ARE living in a technology-run world -.-

My balcony view… My first day there was quite noisy at night but subsequently it was quite peaceful.


We arrived in Siem Reap around lunch time, so we headed to the nearby market. There are definitely a LOT of restaurants there and you’ll most definitely be spoilt for choice. Food prices are quite pricey (compared to hawker centres in Singapore), with the cheapest eateries starting from around US$4.50 (at the temples) and US$1 (in the city area) for a plate of fried rice. The portions are quite large (it was like a 2 person serving to me) though. However, I felt that at cheaper restaurants in the city area, you’ll suffer in terms of the CLEANLINESS of the food.


At one of the cheaper restaurants, we had the fish amok, spring rolls and a plate of vegetables. The fish amok (a national dish) was not bad while the spring rolls had a gooey, sticky texture to it (?). By itself, it tastes quite plain and you have dip it in the chilli sauce provided for some flavour.


Because I’m more of vege than meat person, I’ll tend to eat and clear the vegetables. When I’ve almost finish clearing the vege, I noticed this black thing that was NOT! supposed to be on the plate. So I had a closer look and realised it was a freaking BIG, FAT, JUICY CATERPILLAR!!! Wth?!!!! I was practically eating caterpillar juice -.- Freaking gross. So I was vehemently against consuming vegetables of any kind during my stay 😡

After lunch, we went to the Preah Promreath Pagoda which was near our hotel. Quite a spiritually peaceful place.


When you enter the temple, you should walk this stretch of tiles (?) and enter the doors behind this row of donation boxes. Walk to the back and you’ll see the sleeping buddha statue. It was really an indescribable feeling. You really just feel a sense of calm that spreads through your body as your 烦恼和杂念都消失了.

One of the doors around the temple compounds…


In the temple, I also spotted this rather interesting plant with egg shells covering its tip. Haha, maybe it’s to protect people from poking themselves (?)


After that, we tried to find the royal family house that our airport transfer driver told us. Walk around for quite a fair bit around the area and after contemplating for a looooong time, concluded that THIS:


was the royal house. Quite sian to realise it was so small but well… it’s not the main one after all. And THIS:


was the royal botanic gardens -.- Epic. Wanted to visit Wat Bo but couldn’t find the place so we decided to go in search for a cheap foot massage parlour. Along the way, I saw some people playing football here.


Anyway, while walking the soles on one of my rarely worn sandals decided to separate from my feet and came off -.- Lol.


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